A Talk by Tilak Fernando, Las Vegas, 2011
Intelligence is asking you to wake up in unconditional love, to have a sense of gratitude, appreciation, and a delight for life no matter what has happened.
The Fountains of Unconditional Wonder and Unconditional Love, by Tilak
I want you to understand something pleasurable and mystical about the nature of the elements. The nature of the elements does not exist by showing itself and what its functions are. For example, we have inner organs, inner systems that are working, but they don't have to be seen from the outside. Therefore, our skin is not transparent. We don't need to see how our digestive system, our cardiovascular system, and our nervous system work. In fact, if our skin were transparent, it would become a distraction, so we don't need to see the inner mechanisms that are working. Although we don't need to see the nature of the inner mechanisms, it is essential that we understand the nature of them, recognize, acknowledge and appreciate their existence, because these inner mechanisms make our outer appearance beautiful and give us the pleasure of living in this world.

In the same way, it is not necessary, that we have essential understanding of the Five Elements and the Forces of Awakening. However, we need to have recognition, acknowledgment, and appreciation of their existence and their connection with us in order to have a very good time.

One of the ways how everything goes through us is not through our mind. Rather our mind is like a lens through which we see the fascination of the world. The mind becomes the instrumental element that connects all the five senses. It brings together into our heart, by perception and interpretation, the input that takes place within our systems.

The designing of our nature is very unbelievable and mystical. Our human body is an inconceivable miracle. Our human body is a magnificent pure wonder, and so is the place we live in.  We live in our human body, and also on the Earth. The planet Earth represents the elements of Earth, Fire, Water, Air, and Space. These elemental wonders are interacting with us with or without our knowledge, just like with or without our knowledge, when all our bodily functions are going smoothly, we experience what we call “well-being”.

Well-being gives us a sense of strength, energy and a force, makes us feel full of life, full of wonder, full of lightness. In the same way, when the elemental forces are smoothly circulating within us, we can experience an incredible sense of fascination. The well-being of the body makes us grounded and gives us the fitness to run through our day-to-day life with wonder, vigor and vitality. In the same way, the elements connecting and going through us give us fascination to see life. We can experience going through the fascination, rising though the fascination into an incredible passion that ignites within us as a vertical force.  

The passion rising within us will give us access to go through incredible forms of realizations that will open horizons, and for the first time we will be seeing in delight, emotionally, and in intelligence. It allows us to feel incredible emotions, with an intensity that is not normally required to live our day-to-day life. And it allows us to see the flashes of brilliance as catching various parts of imperfection, or the flow of life, and understand that as a delight, which will be the wonder of the heart.

In other words, love is your key. Every day, you have to experience Love. Love, not only as the emotion, not just love for your lover or a man, or a woman, or any other thing, but also as unconditional Love. What kind of Love? Unconditional Love. Intelligence is asking you to wake up in unconditional love, to have a sense of gratitude, appreciation, and a delight for life no matter what has happened. No matter what has happened, it is telling you to come from the horizontal plane into the vertical plane with unconditional Love.

The unconditional Love is an emotional spectrum. Like the fountains of the Bellagio that rise from the lake, there is a stream of water that is rising through your realization, through your heart every day. It is rising unconditionally, like the Bellagio fountains, that go into such a great heights whether thousands of people are watching or nobody is watching. Even if no one is watching, the fountains go on. That is very, very beautiful. You can experience unconditional wonder, unconditional Love, anytime. Otherwise, you are waiting for something to have to feel love, like money or intimacy, or achievement. Your heart can say,“I am in fascination”, even if you have nothing, my friend, and that is hat is very, very powerful.

We have various situations that challenge us, provoke us in life. These situations don't hit our head, they hit our heart. Whenever something comes and hits your heart, what takes place is, it hits your body. When the body is hit, it affects your connection to the centering, which is the Earth energies, the gravitational force, which is a perpendicular line.

The fountain of water does not rise at an angle; it rises perpendicularly, like a vertical force. Vertical force is the power of realization, or the power of fascination, that comes along, breaking through everything.Whenever fascination is disturbed by anything, it hits your body, and your body goes down. Whenever your fascination is interrupted, obstructed, or taken away by anything, it hits your heart. If the heart is hit, it takes the body. When the body is hit, it takes trust away from you and you go into mistrusting. 

The force of trust is the centering nature of the Earth energy, with all the matrixes, giving energy, possibility, and safety. It is asking you to feel one thing about life; it is asking you to feel trust in your heart. The moment the body is disturbed, your trust disappears. When the trust disappears, your fascination can not be seen, because the darkness sets in like a rainy day. Like a dark day, it comes into you.

The trust was disturbed by love in your heart being interrupted. Love in your heart is a continuous flow that is rising like a vertical force, every day. Every day intelligence tells you: “My friend, this is a brand new day; it's a brand new start.” What is a brand new start? It resets your awareness. It resets all the five elements to start the day in a brand new engine. Your heart trust, heart drive, and heart awakening are the three things connected together. The power of realization manifests through your body, trying to capture one moment of fascination. It is trying to capture one moment that excites you. And if it is not there, it is only for one reason, your heart is being interrupted, because the body has fallen down.

Body has fallen down, and the trust is not there. This is a very, very important point to understand. It's a very, very important point to understand, because then we do various things during the day time, it feels like nothing is happening. It feels that nothing is happening, because you do not have trust in your cells now.

Trust is not in your mind, remember. Trust is not a believe, or faith, or some kind of positive affirmation, not at all. Trust is a cellular knowing. Trust is the cellular centering that says “go ahead”. Trust means, it is just telling you: “go ahead”. Very simple. The password “go ahead”. When it is activated through all the cells, you are like a person who is a dancer. You don't have to know anything about dancing, everything you do, will be accomplishments.

In order to bring trust, you do not have to believe this or that, or find this or that. You have to find fascination. Fascination, however, stays with you like a pilot light in a blue flame at the center of your heart. There is a blue flame, like in your stove. It just stays; it never dies as long as you are living. As long as you are living, you have a combustion running through your body. As long as you are living, you are hot, but not very, very hot. You are luke warm hot, but the pilot light is waiting for some signals from the other elements.

It can not glow by itself, so it wants the element Air to give it a little coolness, it wants the Earth to do a nice little spinning, or things like that that will set itself in ignition, so that the blue flame will begin to ignite again with something that is there. What is there? There is something right now you can recognize, acknowledge, and connect to. You are just not seeing that, that's all. There is something that you can recognize, acknowledge and connect to, and it is in your spectrum. You are not able to see it, that's all. The moment you can recognize, acknowledge and connect to it, it will ignite, you will glow, and the fountain of youth, the fountain of fascination, will erupt in your heart. Have a great day.  
Trust is not in your mind, remember. Trust is not a believe, or faith, or some kind of positive affirmation, not at all. Trust is a cellular knowing..
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